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Feral cats are a dilemma for most communities throughout the United States. It has been estimated that there are more than 60 million feral cats living with us, in this country alone. The primary reason for this over-population crisis is human irresponsibility; that is, failure to spay/neuter pet cats and animal abandonment.

The Department of Animal Services recognizes the need to help these cats and the people who care for them. Direct aid and support is limited. However, it is hoped that the information provided and the links to other sites will give individuals, trying to help these cats, the tools needed to do so.

Two groups in Stanislaus County currently helping with feral cats are the Alley Cat Guardians and the SPCA of Stanislaus. The type of aid available is different for each group. Please contact these organizations for information on how they may help you. Humane traps are available, through us, for a rental fee. Please follow the humane trapping guidelines offered through the links.


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