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Stanislaus County
Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
Stanislaus Recovery Center
  • Stanislaus Recovery Center

1094 Richland Avenue
Ceres, CA 05307

Adult Residential Treatment Program
24 Hour / 7 Days a Week
Contact program for visitation times

Spanish Language Capabilities

The residential program is a social model treatment and recovery program, using a 12-step Recovery approach.  Admission, placement and length of time in the program is determined by individual need.  A voluntary program specializing in treating individuals who have relapsed and/or been resistant to other types of treatment.

Day treatment and intensive outpatient programs are also available at this location.  Treatment can be stepped down or up depending on an individual’s need.

Perinatal Residential Treatment Program
First Step
Residential 24-Hour / 7 Days a Week

Spanish Language Capabilities
*Contract Program

Residential perinatal treatment for pregnant and/or parenting women and their children 0-5 years of age.  Services include individual and group counseling; alcohol and drug education; assistance in obtaining perinatal, postpartum and other health care needs; life skills education; therapeutic child care on site; development assessments of children; and coordination of mental health treatment for children.

Drop-In Center
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday

A safe place for consumers and alumni to relax and share their experiences.  Volunteers are mentored and operate the Drop-In Center.

After Care Services
Hours as scheduled

Spanish Language Capabilities

Services are provided free of charge to any adult consumer who has completed a drug and alcohol treatment program (BHRS or contract program of BHRS). Among the classes offered is Relapse Prevention.

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