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  • Fraud Fee

Effective March 1, 2009, the Real Estate Fraud Fee will increase by $1.00 per recorded document. The fraud fee was initiated to establish and fund the Stanislaus County Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Fund under CA Gov. Code 27388. This fee supports the investigation and prosecution of real estate fraud in Stanislaus County. It will increase the recording fee for the first page of the following documents to $17.00.

Notice –New Fraud Fee Effective March 1st, 2009

  1. Substitution of Trustee
  2. Deed of Trust
  3. Notice of Default
  4. Mortgage Agreement and Waiver
  5. Reconveyance
  6. Notice of Trustee Sale
  7. Assignment of Deed of Trust
  8. Amendment of Deed of Trust
  9. Mortgage
  10. Mortgage Real Estate
  11. Assignment Construction Deed of Trust
  12. Amendment Assignment of Mortgage
  13. Amendment Assignment Deed of Trust
  14. Amendment Construction Deed of Trust
  15. Modification of Deed of Trust
  16. Notice of Rescission of Declaration of Default
  17. Request for Notice
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