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Stanislaus County
Environmental Resources
  • Contacts / Phone Numbers / Email

Main Phone Number:   (209) 525-6700

Fax Phone Number:  (209) 525-6774

Reporting Code Violations:1-877-2-ASSIST    (1-877-227-7478)

Director of Environmental Resources
Jami Aggers
Email:  jaggers@envres.org

Assistant Directors of Environmental Resources:
Darryl Yorkey
Email: dyorkey@envres.org

Merry Mayhew
Email: mmayhew@envres.org

Environmental Health and Code Enforcement Programs:
Janis Mein, Manager
Email: JMEIN@envres.org

Hazardous Materials Program:
Beronia Beniamine, Manager
Email: bbeniamine@envres.org

Gerry Garcia, Manager
Email: ggarcia@envres.org

George Angusich, Manager

Milk and Dairy Program:
Ryan Barney, Manager
Email: rabarney@envres.org

Solid Waste Management Program:
Bryan Kumimoto, Manager
Email: BKUMIMOTO@envres.org

Water Resources Program:
Walter Ward, Manager
Email: wward@envres.org

Underground Tank Storage Program Contacts
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